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Austin Employee of The year

David Hartman

The Austin 2011 Employee of the Year is David Hartman.

David joined the EDC family in May 2010. The branch was going through a management change and David was one of the new management team. Because of his background and experience, David was given the task of increasing warehouse revenue.  In the year before, 2010, the warehouse (storage/handling) revenue was extremely low and not near enough to cover the cost of the facility. Immediately David went to work, adding several new customers and increasing the revenue from existing customers. As a result, during 2011, the Austin Branch more than doubled their annual warehouse revenue to over $500K for the year.

As an example, at the end of 2010, AT&T had 200-300 pallets in stored in the Austin facility. They came to David and said they wanted to increase their storage in the Austin warehouse and asked “can you manage that much of an increase”. David said “No Problem”, he and the excellent Austin warehouse crew accepted the challenge. David installed the P2 warehouse system for the New Customer to help manage and track the activity. The warehouse team installed some new racking and reorganized the rows. Today that Custpmer has over 1300 pallets in storage and is very happy with the service. This is a great example of David’s ability to meet the customer needs.

David has always had special connection with his customers. Shattuck & Associates has been working with David for several years. Shattuck followed David when he moved to EDC from another moving company.

Greg Shattuck states about David:
David cares about our business and understands our needs so well that we often think of him as one of our own staff. Whether it’s setting up a move, shuffling stuff around to create more space for us and even dealing with our clients, David always puts forth his best efforts and friendly, caring attitude.
I repeat “Understanding the customer needs, giving your best effort, friendly, caring attitude.” What else can you say?

Congratulations, David, the Austin 2011 employee of the year.

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